Zero Waste Event

We help you achieve a Zero Waste Event in 3 easy steps. First, we initiate the process with a consultation to find out what matters most to you coming out of this event. GreenFeen is here to help you serve your clients well. By planning your waste diversion streams we design a custom experience that eliminates landfill waste from your event. Second, we will effectively communicate with you from start to finish so we are clear on what stays and what goes. Finally, WE CLEAN... the GreenFeen clean of course!

Recycling Categories

Reusable/Upcycle- Any object that can be used again either for it's original purpose or for a similar purpose without significantly altering the physical form of the object

Recyclable- A material that can be manufactured to create a new product. Recycling involves altering the original physical form of an object to make new materials

Compostable- An organic material that can biologically decompose

​GreenFeen Challenge- Any object or material not accepted by our various partners