Dior Doward is an Agtivist striving to sustain collective compassion! She recently served as a tour guide for the Bronx Food and Farm Trolley Tour. Dior is committed to achieving a sustainable culture through education, a cooperative business model, music, composting, farming, and zero waste events. As a former apprentice for Soul Fire Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown family farm, she actively engaged with sustainable farming methods and aims to share this knowledge in order to grow holistic communities.

She is an innovator for the youth movement who has accomplished a great deal in her young age. At 14 she was chosen to represent the USA as a People to People Student Ambassador, traveling to Spain, Italy and France for the summer. In 2007 she was a Peer Mentor at Baruch College, conducting freshman seminars for learning community blocks that included time management and cultural project presentations. Dior graduated high-school a year early and later designed her own major at Baruch College and in 2012 obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Sustainability/Community Development. 

Her commitment to youth, sustainability, and education parallels several accreditations consisting of the following certifications:

Master Composter (New York Botanical Garden & Department of Sanitation NYC)
Grow More Veggies (New York Botanical Garden)
Farm Roots (GrowNYC & Hawthorne Valley Farm)
Mentoring Supervision Certificate (Fordham University & Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC)

She is affiliated with: Black Urban Growers (BUGs), La Finca del Sur Garden, Brook Park Garden

While in college, Dior participated on the Debate Team and became VP for a Baruch College campus club, "Research Against Mass Incarceration" where she was responsible for recruitment, mediation, research on the impact of juvenile justice, and mentoring program advisement.

​Urban sustainability, mentoring and teaching youth about the benefits of farming is near and dear to her heart so much that she created the enrichment after-school program for Mott Hall Charter School in the Bronx, NY for the academic school year 2013-2014. Her program entitled “Green Team” teaches youth about sustainability and growing food. Dior participated as a Summer Educator with GrowNYC in 2013 where she worked with teens teaching them how to grow food, work a farmer's market, and mentor younger children.

Ms. Doward states that she is excited to support and serve youth all around the world, for her aim is to be a supportive role model that young people can build a relationship with. Dior plans to help create a nurturing environment through GreenFeen that supports youth and adults with access to resources while creating a space where people can challenge themselves to grow. With an appreciation for life and all life forms her goal will be to engage youth in a way that exposes them to sustainable concepts thereby helping them to envision and be active contributors to a sustainable future.

About The Owner

In the past, recycling practices have been limited to the basics; glassware, paper, aluminum and the various precious metals. In the modern future GreenFeen aims to advance recycling beyond the basics.

“Any ‘thing’ of value can be recycled...even knowledge.” 
                                                              -D Doward    

​GreenFeen is an environmental consulting firm using Hip-Hop to teach sustainability as a lifestyle through green technology and compost education. Through exclusive partnerships, zero waste events, and organics collection, GreenFeen uses the triple bottom line theory to teach a holistic lifestyle. A sustainable culture meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. By connecting families and municipalities with green living, urban environments become more efficient . But what about all that trash? At GreenFeen we do not believe in trash so we've made exclusive partnerships with companies that find alternatives for most items designated for garbage. Some of these items include decomposing food waste used for compost to increase soil fertility or recycling old textiles into new clothing. Whatever it is we will do our best to find a new home for your refuse! The GreenFeen way isn’t the fast-lane, it is the road to ensure that the future of recycling remains on the right track. We help you envision the full circle of Farm to Table and then Table to Farm.

"Re-Think Trash"